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I'm a Boulder, Colorado based photographer, cinematographer, editor and artist.  I spent most of my youth on a skateboard in Phoenix, Arizona.  Being surrounded by creative, talented individuals of the skateboarding world led to me pick up a 35mm camera in college.  Taught by the return of poorly exposed film, my close friends and a lot of experimentation, photography gripped me.  My affinity with skateboarding soon began to pour over into photography which eventually led to my discovery of love for the American West and the open spaces it holds.  

This discovery has pushed me into a world filled with passionate people, incredible stories and unimaginable landscapes.  The moments of in between are what inspire me most and my goal is to create images that can transcend that feeling.  Images that can captivate and transport you to being huddled in your tent in an unexpected storm, a frigid morning with a headlamp illuminating your warm cup of coffee, to a summit with the winds screaming in your face.  Those moments of joy, wonder, excitement, connection or even suffering.  These are the memories that make us human, shape us, bring us together and help create a memorable story.

Striving to create images that not only document, but truly interact with their environment has pushed me as a visual storyteller.  I have loved the process leading up to this point and I continue to love what I do.

If you'd like to discuss a potential project, know more about me, grab a coffee (beer), or just say hi, don't hesitate to shoot me an e-mail.

[ +1 480.205.1650 ] [ kodykohlman@gmail.com ] [ @kokody ]


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