hey there, my name’s kody

 Portrait by  Greg Mionske

Portrait by Greg Mionske



I'm a Boulder, Colorado based commercial photographer and filmmaker.  I spent the majority of my formative years on a skateboard in Arizona. Being surrounded by highly creative, very talented individuals of the skateboarding world led to me picking up a 35mm film camera from a thrift store during a period of prolonged injuries.  Taught by the return of poorly exposed film, my close friends, and a lot of experimentation, photography gripped me.  My affinity with skateboarding soon began to pour over into the creation of imagery which eventually led to my discovery of love for the American West and the open spaces it holds, which led me to Colorado.  

Striving to create images that not only document, but truly bring together the viewer into a scene has pushed me as a visual storyteller.  It’s tales involving the human spirit outside of walls that inspire me most, but I enjoy working on projects of all types and approach each one in a unique way.    

I’m available for hire onto existing film and photo projects or can provide a full team a tightly knitted, highly skilled individuals for larger scale productions.

If you'd like to discuss a potential project, ride bikes up and down some mountains, or just say hi, don't hesitate to reach out.

[ +1 480.205.1650 ]

[ kodykohlman@gmail.com ]

[ @kokody ]



American Express / The North Face / Patagonia / Fujifilm
Benjamin Moore / Specialized / Stranahans /  Dicks Sporting Goods
Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance / Avid 4 Adventure / Louder Than Eleven
Feathered Friends / Rawr Superfoods / Waste Farmers / BOA Technology / X Games USA



 Daily Beast \ Thrasher Magazine  \ Transworld Skate
Boulder Magazine \ 303 Magazine \ Denver Westword