Kody Kohlman


Frame of Mind: Whitney Wells

Whitney Wells is a longtime friend. I met him the first time I had visited Denver, Colorado back in 2010. Our mutual interests of art and skateboarding were very apparent and this developed our friendship. Whitney has remained a friend through all these years and has grown greatly as an artist, forming his own very unique style and setting himself up as a well recognized artist throughout Colorado.

Whitney Wells.jpg

This video series is aimed at highlighting local artists and diving into their lives. It has provided us as a way to give back to our friends and show the outside world where their art is really coming from.

Whitney Wells-2.jpg

A portion of the Voca Films team helped with this project. Lilah Strauss produced this short piece and David Chang assisted with direction and lighting. We shot this over the course of an afternoon at Whitney’s home in Denver with minimal lights and a lean setup. Lighting consisted of a couple 1x1 panels overhead shot through diffusion for the interview scene. Additional lighting was provided for edging using Quasar lamps throughout. The entirety of b-roll was shot handheld on the Black Magic Ursa Mini Pro 4.6k with Canon FD lenses.

Frame of MindKoy Kohlman