Kody Kohlman

Par For The Course - Broken Arrow / Salomon

Broken Arrow Sky Race is presented by Salomon and takes place over three-days in the world famous Squaw Valley. The race represents a unique style of European-inspired mountain running characterized by off-trail scrambling, steep terrain, and massive amounts of vertical gain and loss. The majority of this takes place above 6,000 feet – above tree-line – and consists of five iconic distances, each distance showcasing the beauty of Lake Tahoe, “The Jewel of the Sierra Nevada." It was truly an honor to work with Mirna Valerio. She’s a voice for those unheard in the outdoor space and is the epitome of strength. Her positivity through challenge is unlike anything I’ve seen before.

Director / Director of Photography: Kody Kohlman
Kody Kohlman and David Chang of Voca Films
Lilah Strauss
Matt Wade